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A house was printed and its not for paper dolls


(TECHNOLOGY) A 3D printed house in Russia has opened up an entire new realm of possibilities for the future of home building.

New house in town

The progression of 3D printing over the last few years has been insane. From printing food to aiding in medical surgeries, 3D printing is becoming the way of the future. So what’s the next step? How can we continue to progress from here? One company has found the answer: houses.

A tiny 3D-printed home was just completed in 24 hours on-site, eliminating the need for assembly and transportation.

Mobile and agile

The project was completed in Stupino, a small town just outside of Moscow, Russia. Apis Cor used their unique mobile 3D printer to create the home’s main components directly on site.

The printer is the first of its kind, because it is completely portable.

The home that was built is a tiny home, at only 400 square feet, and has a circular structure.

The printed house

From the exterior, it looks like any other home. There is no real way to tell it was 3D printed. Most of the home’s larger parts were printed on site: the self-bearing walls, partitions, building envelope and even the insulation.

Apis Core partnered up with Samsung to fully deck out the futuristic structure.

Samsung completed the contemporary feel of the inside by filling it with high-tech appliances.

A new spin on pre-fab

Commercial developers have been pre-fabricating houses for a while now.

In fact, many components can be traditionally built off site then delivered to be put together there.

However, 3D printing brings this to the next level.

Oh, the possibilities

By having the opportunity to print on site, there will be no need for transporting these parts. 3D printing can change the methods of fabrication for all structures. Plus, it’s cost effective.

The tiny home that was just printed totaled only slightly over $10,000.Click To Tweet

Everything can be done right there. Just imagine having a plot of land and building your house there within 24 hours.


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