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Control your smart home with Lola, the small device with a big job

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Lola by ViVoka is an automated smart home control center that is easy to set up, energy-saving, and controlled by voice or your smart phone.

Do you remember the popular 90’s Disney movie: Smart House? A movie about a computerized house, who’s automated system goes haywire and wreaks havoc on an unsuspecting family. I remember watching it when I was younger, before camera phones were even a thing, and being in absolute awe at how innovative and impossible the idea of a computerized house would be.

But as humans develop over time, so does technology, and what was once a fictional idea, captured in a fictional movie, is now reality; home automation.

Meet Lola

Launched this year, Lola by ViVoka, an automation system that uses artificial intelligence to control all of your connected devices, makes your house extremely cool, autonomous and intelligent. Existing as a box plugged into your home Internet network, Lola can be controlled with your voice, smartphone or tablet, and uses 3d cartography to represent your house.


And though it is not the first home automated solution, that’s not their vantage point. What separates them from their competition, is that it is the first automation system to link everything together with one device; offering convenience and organization.

In addition to convenience, Lola offers it’s users comfort by using minimal effort for full control, the ability to save energy by monitoring energy consumption, and security by allowing you to both communicate with your alarm and watch your house from the outside.

Easy setup

Something so great, has to be difficult to set up, right? Wrong, ViVoka knows how complex, and frustrating technology set-up can be, and alleviated that by making Lola a plug and play device. Meaning equipment setup and software installation shouldn’t take you longer than an afternoon.

Don’t worry about compatibility either, Lola works with the most common protocol of home automation like Zigbee, ZWaves, EnOcean, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and so on. This means most all of your devices have the ability to be synced, giving you full control and full connectivity.

What are you waiting for?

With the variety of partnerships, and support they’ve obtained already, I’m confident Lola will soon be a respected pioneer in the home automation industry. So if you already have home automation and want a more organized way of controlling your home, or if this is your first time hearing about it, check out ViVoka’s website and see if there are any feasible options for you!


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