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BuyerNeeds updated to give buyers the exposure they deserve


(TECHNOLOGY NEWS) BuyerNeeds, the ambitious real estate startup that is trying to give homebuyers the exposure that they deserve, has updated their services to deliver on their promises.

Something wicked this way comes

Last summer we talked about Austin-based real estate startup BuyerNeeds, the mobile-friendly website (and app) that allows real estate agents to easily list buyer needs and garners maximum exposure.

Now, a year later, BuyerNeeds has released two new features as part of their Pro Plan to help with automation and lead generation.


First up, we’ve got the DeetSheet: “the solution for automatic buyer need posting.” The DeetSheet allows buyers to easily state criteria of what they’re looking for over to agents via the agent’s DeetSheet form. Once completed, the form is immediately sent back to the agent and formatted into first-person, so it looks as though the agent themselves had written it up.

The DeetSheet can be edited, or “ONE-CLICK GO LIVE” by agents to make a BuyerNeed public for all to see and to give the buyer maximum exposure.

Lead Generation Form

The second new feature for BuyerNeeds is the Lead Generation Form. Lead generating opportunities can sometimes go ignored or unnoticed, but with BuyerNeeds, once a listing has been submitted to the agent, they receive the lead immediately with no strings attached. This allows for a more streamlined and automated process for agents.

According to Keller Williams Realty agent Josh Molleur, “Agents needed easy sharing options and automatic email marketing on behalf of that agent. We wanted to provide agents that are working with buyers a way to lead generate similar to the way listing agents lead generate from listings.”

Fixes and other shiny new things

In addition to DeetSheets and Lead Generation Forms, BuyerNeeds has also recently added or recently improved the following:

  • CRM integration for leads and DeetSheet submisison
  • Private BuyerNeeds
  • Custom snippets for Facebook sharing
  • New design features
  • Agent branding on all posts
  • Improved user dashboard
  • Profile page for sharing
  • Auto email marketing
  • Improved map functionality
  • Improved dynamic search bar
  • Exporting options
  • Slideshows
  • Facebook sign in option
  • Improved site navigation

You’ve got options

So if you’re looking to up your sales game and make your life a little easier, you’ll want to consider the Pro Plan.™ has both a free plan and a pro plan at just shy of ten bucks a month.

If you’re curious but don’t want to commit to a monthly subscription just yet, the Pro Plan also comes with a free trial and doesn’t need any of your credit card information, which is always a win.


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