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Tweetcat for Twitter organizes your timeline, makes it easier market

Never miss an important tweet again with Tweetcat, an app designed to organize your timeline.



qualify leads

Virtually every form of social media utilizes a newsfeed or timeline format. This is set in place to allow users to view information from those the follow in a, normally chronological, fashion.

Depending on how many people you follow, it may sometimes be impossible to constantly stay on top of everything that’s posted in your social world. This is particularly difficult with Twitter.

How can you stay up-to-date on Twitter?

Because Twitter operates in a 140-character sphere, updates are seemingly constant. Tweets, photos, and videos go up in a moment’s notice, making it hard to keep up if you only check in every few hours.

But the thing is, do we want to see all of that content? While we consciously choose everyone that we follow, does that necessarily mean we want to be with them every step of the virtual way?

Based on the amount of accounts I have muted, I’m going to venture to guess: no. Sometimes people, or brands, have a habit of tweeting too frequently, which may be a turn-off but not necessarily grounds for an un-follow.

Twitter meets organization

While you may appreciate everyone that you follow, it is unlikely that every single tweet is something that you care about seeing. The constant updates may be easier to digest if there were something to keep Twitter organized.

Tweetcat is attempting to be that form of organization. Operating as an app, Tweetcat’s purpose is to organize your timeline by allowing you to create custom topics.

Categorize your tweets

You are able to create topic categories (i.e. business, music, sports, etc.) that will become color-coded. Tweetcat then sorts out your interests and places the appropriate tweets in the appropriate categories.

This not only helps to weed out the information you do not care to see, but it allows better access to the content you actually care about. Who knows what you may be missing in the disarray that is your current timeline?

Once categories are created and the tweets are sorted, they become accessible at the bottom of the Tweetcat app, which integrates your Twitter account. Available for both Androids and iPhones, the Tweetcat app strives to keep Twitter users organized and seeing the content that they are interested in.


Taylor is a Staff Writer at The American Genius and has a bachelor's degree in communication studies from Illinois State University. She is currently pursuing freelance writing and hopes to one day write for film and television.

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Real Estate Marketing

How to get a 9 star rating on Zillow when you’re limited to 5 stars

(MARKETING) When you’re limited to just a few stars on Zillow or similar sites, how do you prove to the public that you’re worth many more stars?



five stars on zillow

Let’s say that you ask all of your customers to rate you on Zillow. Let’s say that you think it’s the best site since sliced bread (or you hate it, whatever, that matters not in this scenario).

But let’s also say that you’re either an overachiever or a smartass and you believe that your five star rating is simply too low and that you have actually earned more stars throughout your stellar career.

What do you do? How do you break out of the “Five Star Zone” without paying people to rate and rank you and without bribing Zillow?

You get creative.

Enter Frank Llosa, Esq., Broker of Frankly Real Estate, who is both hated and revered for his endless pushing of the envelope. Years ago, he figured out a way around the five star rating system on Zillow without any cash exchanging hands.

How? Behold:

Llosa did this stunt long ago, but Zillow never shut him down (and if they had, he’s used to his shenanigans being stifled).

Will Zillow shut you down if you try this? Probably.

While hilarious, it does prove that the web doesn’t limit the creative, rather, it unveils the endless opportunities to capture consumers’ attention – wouldn’t you take a second look at a 9-star agent on Zillow? I sure would!

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Real Estate Marketing

Real estate drone videography is falling far short of this glorious example

Drone videography is stunning, but the real estate industry could be utilizing the technology to a much greater extent; here’s one breathtaking example to aspire to!



drone videography

A stunning new short film, “Austin by Air: An Aerial Documentary” gives viewers the opportunity to see Austin from a bird’s eye view and, hopefully, will inspire the real estate industry to consider incorporating aerial videography into their marketing.

Photographer and post-production technician Gerard Juarez has been working on a drone related startup, and decided, as a side project, to make a film featuring breathtaking aerial shots of Austin’s skyline, of kayakers on the river, and of the early morning traffic-less streets around the University of Texas. He attended a drone piloting training program to big up his skills before hitting the skies to create the impressive documentary. His goal was to “showcase” the city of Austin, and he hopes that the film “will have a little promotional value for the city.”

Tip: watch this video in full screen with the sound on.

How the industry could catch up

We’ve been talking about drones for some time now.

Here at The Real Daily, we’ve long been tracking the technological and legal progress of drones. The Federal Aviation Administration currently prohibits the use of drones for the purposes of selling real estate. However, this could change as soon as this year. In 2012 the FAA Modernization and Reform Act asked the FAA to come up with clear regulations regarding the commercial use of unmanned aerial vehicles; these regulations are due at the end of September. We recommend staying abreast of these developments, as drones could one day become an important tool for the real estate industry.

Real estate brokers with enough capital to work with could hire quality videographers to make films similar to Juarez’s documentary, which would show potential clients a whole new perspective on their cities and neighborhoods. Aerial photography is a great way to show off what makes a city or town unique, and to give people a wide-angle view of standout architectural and natural features. Such videos could be shared via hyper-local content blogs and websites to draw in new home owners.

I found “Austin by Air” to be a beautiful and inspiring way to view a city; similar videos on real estate websites could make a big impression on potential clients.


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Real Estate Marketing

How top producers follow up on real estate leads

(EDITORIAL) A recent real estate experiment yielded disappointing results, and we all have some work to do on our follow up systems!



follow up on leads

Most Realtors have a weak follow-up system. It’s not just Realtors, it’s most people in sales. But for the sake of this conversation, let’s focus on real estate agents.

There is a reason so many Realtors lose opportunities with online leads and it most commonly comes down to follow-up.

Quality of leads are a major factor as well, but that’s a whole separate conversation. Let’s focus on what to do after you are getting quality leads and how to close the deal.

It starts with the follow up.

You have the lead’s information – name, phone number, and email. Now, you need to get the person on the phone or face to face to establish the relationship.

Follow up is not easy for most, but it’s not hard to get better at it – it’s easy to become great at follow up.

There’s one simple determining factor: persistence.

The most persistent person wins every time — however,there is a major difference between persistence and annoying.

An annoying person has no real method to what they are doing, it’s all spontaneous actions that make them annoying.

Persistence, on the other hand, is about being systematic about the follow up. It’s about setting an expectation and sticking to your word.

If you are going to follow up with them, let them know when you’ll do it (in the event you don’t hear from them).

I decided to try an online service to see how the Realtors would follow up. Let’s take a look at the results and what you can do to get more clients with a stronger follow up system.

The website I decided to use is Home Light.

I entered my info and immediately received an email and a phone call from the Home Light team.

It started off well. The representative from Home Light left a message and informed me that if I had any questions to call them. She also set the expectations that there would be agents contacting me shortly.

Within 30 minutes, the calls started to poured in like a tidal wave.

In the matter of two hours, I received seven voicemails.

Shortly after, emails came in from the same people, each email slightly different from the next.

Even though I was informed that agents would be contacting me, I did not expect that volume.

It was a lot. And for the Realtor, it’s heavy competition.

Plus, for an everyday potential prospect, seven voicemails is annoying — even overwhelming.

Who wants to receive that many voicemails and then have to respond to them? Not me.

And that was only the beginning.

After the initial 6-8 hours of agents flooding my inboxes (voicemail and email) it went silent.

Cue the tumbleweed.

For the next week, there was nothing.

Just silence.

After that, I received a few sprinkles of emails and a few voicemails.

But from my count, no one went beyond four follow ups. This included calls, texts, and emails within the first four weeks.

It has now been about eight weeks and still not so much as far as single follow up.

If it wasn’t for an overwhelming flood of calls and emails last week, I would have forgotten that I submitted an inquiry online in the first place.

One agent started with three calls and two emails in one week, which sparked the idea for this editorial.

He was a little late to the party, but better late than never.

That brings us back to how a smart follow up system can really be effective for online leads.

Set a standard.

You don’t have to tell people you will follow up with them every two days or every week until they answer. However, if you have it outlined for yourself and for your team, it makes it easier for you.

Automate part of the process.

If you the lead generation starts overflowing,you are going to need to streamline part of the process. Following up with 100-200+ leads per month is more than a full time job.

You need to take advantage of the technology available to you.

There are systems you can utilize where you can use recorded voicemail drops as well as automated texts and emails to get a response from the serious, highly motivated prospects within the first three days. After that, you can, nurture the other people in the pipeline.

However, you need the highly motivated, not-so-annoyed prospects that don’t come from sites that are driving up the leads like they are jelly beans given to kids on a playground.

That’s where the next part comes into play.

Take control.

Don’t rely on sites to generate online leads for you. Learn how to do it yourself or hire a team of professionals to get you the quality of leads you need to go beyond your goals.

Facebook ads are a beautiful place to generate a pool of highly motivated prospects for a good cost per lead. Take advantage.

Settling for the oversaturated, high competition lead pools, like the ones you get from those sites, are a waste of time and energy.

Success lies in the follow up. Anyone who has ever been successful in anything was good at follow up

Michael Jordan followed up on his quest for greatness and never losing.

Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, never gave up on his dream of having the best athletic company in the world. Even when he was minutes away from going bankrupt, he followed up.

If you have never read Shoe Dog, you need to.

Gandhi followed-up on his mission for independence for his country by injecting nonviolent civil disobedience.

If you strive for greatness, you need a great follow up system.

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