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Finally ready to implement a social media strategy? Here are the top 10 social media tips for 2016

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Your social media marketing strategy should be top-priority stuff in 2016. Here are the top 10 trends according to Locowise, and some tips on how your business can use them to better your customer engagement.

Facebook’s reach declined this past year but videos have kept the largest audience with 8.94% of all page likes. Other effective techniques to target your audience include purchasing advertising as aggressive way to bump up your total reach.

Other 2016 social media strategies from Locowise include:

Top 10 social media trends for 2016

1. Remember the timeless principles. Post often and change your strategies to reflect the response you receive.

Review your analytics and see which posts resonate more with your audience and go back to these ideas. Keep your page and images fresh.

2. The decline in all things organic to continue. Look for new social media techniques such as video and advertising. If you haven’t used Instagram, try it out!

3. Social embraces advertising. Set up an advertising budget for 2016, and track your response. Pick key words that help you reach your intended audience.

4. Increasing the importance of getting others to share your content. Which posts have been shared the most on your pages? Post strong content on these subjects, and track the response.

5. Twitter and Instagram algorithms are being implemented, and watch your responses to keep your content up to date as the response rates change.

6. All in one video. Learn new video techniques including using YouTube, SnapChat, and how to upload videos.

7. Instant articles and the decline of traffic to websites may be caused by viewers clicking a link on your page to another media platform.

If you can drive them to your page first to find this information, then you become the first source of relevant information.

8. E-commerce in social media is the link to your call to action. Post your cell phone number or a link to your website. Your clients need to request information that only you can provide them.

9. Messengers are eating the social media world, and may become your primary source of communication with your clients. They won’t answer phone calls or emails, but they may respond to text message on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, or Snapchat.

10. Autoposting of content depersonalizes the information. Viewers want content that is relevant, and you have to prove your benefit to them as a source of this information.


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