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A shocking number of brokerages are not set up on Google Business

google business

(REAL ESTATE MARKETING) After performing a search, we found a ridiculous amount of brokerages AREN’T using a key Google tool.

Google’s sandbox

Pretend you’re relocating 500 miles away from where you live now. What’s one of the first things you need? Housing. And where do you go to start your search? If you’re like 65.2 percent of the market, you go to Google.

You probably use on the businesses you find on the first page of the search as your source. If you aren’t using Google Business, you are missing out on those searches.

Google search

Over the weekend, editors at The American Genius did a search for 40 brokerages or real estate teams in the Austin area. These are not just mom-and-pop realtors, but producers that have a presence in the area.

The majority of these businesses did not have a Google Business profile.

If someone is using Google maps or Google search, this means you are the mercy of what others are saying about you.

There’s really no excuse

It’s easy to setup your Google Business profile. You’ll need a Gmail account before you begin, but once you’re setup, you can manage your account through your web browser or through an app on your phone.

You can respond to reviews, add pictures about your firm, and see analytics for your business through this app.

It’s invaluable information and it’s free. Even better, it’s an SEO bonus, too.

Check your account regularly

When you’re getting started in Google Business, set a reminder in your calendar to go in and check your account for accurate information and to manage your reviews. You don’t need to do much to your profile, unless you really want to.

You can use Google+ content to help your website be more prominent.

For example, if you write articles, you can connect Google+ Authorship to your website, which is another SEO boost.

Effective, not efficient

Not using Google Business is like going to Willis Tower (Sears Tower) and using the stairs to get to the top floor. Sure, you can get there, but it’s going to take you a lot longer and you’ll probably be exhausted.

The more you play in Google’s sandbox, the better your search engine ranking will be. Click To Tweet

Maybe people aren’t using Google+ like it was hoped a few years ago, but Google is the giant when it comes to searches. Don’t forget that Google owns YouTube, another platform that is vital to your marketing projects.


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