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1 in 3 Facebook users visit branded pages (plus more promising stats)


(MARKETING NEWS) Though the ads and product placement may feel like eye sores every time that you scroll through the newsfeed, stats are showing positive numbers for brands who are putting themselves out there.

Over one billion

By the end of last year, Facebook reported it had reached over one billion users. In fact, the number was about 1.79 billion, which means there are more people on Facebook than living in China, the most populated country on Earth. It is no surprise then that businesses continue to use the social platform in order to reach a wider demographic.

Though the endless ads and product placement may feel like eye sores every time that you scroll through the newsfeed, new data reports that around one-third of Facebook users interact with brands on the site.

Looking at the numbers

In their recent “Chart of the Day,” Global Web Index reported various ways in which Facebook users engage with brand pages. They questioned if people had done one of the following in the last month: visited a company/brand/product’s Facebook page, shared a photo or post from a company, researched a product they wanted to purchase, started following a new brand or product and posted a comment about a product or brand.

The results are big news for businesses choosing to advertise on Facebook.

At least 24% of these users have shared branded posts. Also, one-fifth of these users have commented on a brand’s post. Overall, one-third of these users reported visiting a brand or company’s page directly.

What it means for you

This data is huge for companies attempting to expand their business through social media platforms.Click To Tweet

By utilizing these sites, they increase their presence. They have the chance to connect with both potential and returning customers in a casual manner. Almost all users who have a Facebook account visit the site at least once a month. This is massive exposure for a company. Whether it is a new brand trying to get their name out there, or a company attempting to stay relevant, social media platforms are essential aspects of a successful marketing campaign.


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