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REALTORS® Conference & Expo is going to be #BIGLEAGUE so here’s your pre-agenda

(REAL ESTATE NEWS) This year’s REALTORS® Conference & Expo is about to kick off, and before you board your plane, you should get your schedule all lined up so no time is wasted as you cram your brain full. Here are NAR’s top level notes.



realtors conference NAR Midyear
TO-DO THIS WEEK: Pack your bags 

  • Pack appropriately. The Inaugural Gala is the only black tie dress event.International Night Out is black tie optional. Business or business casual attire is recommended for education sessions. Casual clothing is recommended for theCelebrity Concert and Universal Studios Florida™. Bring comfortable walking shoes and a jacket or sweater for those cool air-conditioned meeting rooms.
  • Dress Down & Donate Day! Sunday, November 6, is Dress Down & Donate Day. Attendees who donate to the REALTORS® Relief Foundation are encouraged to wear jeans or casual clothing. Pick up your “I Donated” sticker at the REALTORS® Relief Foundation kiosk in West Hall C Lobby or NAR Booth #327 at the REALTORS® Expo.
  • Download the official event mobile app “NAR Annual” to access sessions, meeting schedules, exhibitors and other info. And don’t forget your phone charger to stay connected.
  • Bring lots of business cards for networking.

First stop: NAR Registration

When you arrive, you must first check in at NAR Registration. Bring a copy of your registration confirmation email and a photo ID. You can use the Scan-N-Go Registration system to retrieve your materials.

Here’s how Scan-N-Go works:

  • Use a “Scan-N-Go” machine to scan the bar code in your printed confirmation email. The machine will print out your name badge and tickets. An attendant will then hand you your access pass, name badge and conference materials.
  • Mobile Scan-N-Go is also available! You can access your registration bar code on your phone through the official event mobile app, “NAR Annual.” Just click on the “Registration” icon on the dashboard and enter your registration confirmation ID number to access the bar code. Simply scan that bar code with a “Scan-N-Go” machine.
  • Registration staff will be on hand to assist with any registration problems or to help upgrade your registration.
NAR Registration is located in the Orange County Convention Center West Hall B2-B3.
  • Wednesday, November 2, 12:00pm–5:00pm
  • Thursday, November 3, 7:00am–5:00pm
  • Friday, November 4, 7:00am–6:00pm
  • Saturday, November 5, 8:00am–5:00pm
  • Sunday, November 6, 8:30am–5:00pm
  • Monday, November 7, 8:00am–1:00pm
See you in Orlando in just ONE Week!

NAR Conference & Expo Team

Catch these exhibitors at the 2016 REALTORS® Conference & Expo:® Marketing Solutions. From contact to close…and everything in between. Booth #1149 Join us at the CENTURY 21®Tailgate on Sunday, November 6. Pick up your ticket at booth #851 (quantities limited). Booth 1585 Discounted advertising show specials! 11/5 Happy Hour 1PM–3PM*
11/6 Bloody Mary & Mimosas 11AM–1PM*
*quantities limited


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Real Estate Associations

One year later, NAR + CMLS partnership is going strong

(ASSOCIATION NEWS) The NAR and CMLS partnership is just over a year old and it’s proven itself effective and useful.



nar tech edge cmls

Last year, The Real Daily reported about an initiative to partner with the Council of Multiple Listing Services (CMLS) to better marry the two and better serve Realtor members.

As we heard last year, former NAR CEO Dale Stinton, told us that no money would be changing hands between the groups for the duration of this collaboration, rather that the partnership was built on common interest to serve Realtors®.

Stinton said, “The agreement will stay in effect as long as both parties find the relationship to be useful and beneficial.”

Apparently the NAR + CMLS partnership is both useful and beneficial because it is still going strong.

According to one NAR representative, “The CMLS/NAR partnership was and continues to be a huge step in the right direction. Consistent networking with Caitlin McCrory (NAR’s MLS Manager) and Denee Evans (CMLS CEO) has created an open and transparent dialogue on common issues of interest and concern for NAR and CMLS.”

The representative also noted that the volunteer leadership of both organizations are invited to give reports at each of the respective organizations business meetings.

NAR has received valuable insights from the committee appointment seats CMLS acquired through the partnership, particularly CMLS’ participation on the MLS Emerging Issues and Technology Advisory Board.

The breakdown of the partnership is as follows: NAR appointed three CMLS-specific seats to the NAR MLS Technology and Emerging Issues Advisory Board. Two CMLS members joined the AE Institution Curriculum Advisory Board. One CMLS member has a seat on the NAR Association Executive Committee.

The partnership was approved by the CMLS board and the NAR leadership team last year and has served its purpose as a way to cross-pollinate discussions with NAR and CMLS committees.

What began as NAR’s way to tackle MLS problems has been in action seems to be successful.

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Real Estate Associations

What happens when Associations don’t comply with the new Core Standards?

(ASSOCIATIONS) If the real estate board you’re a member of is not in compliance with the Core Standards, what happens then!?



core standards

In May 2014, the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) approved a set of core standards, which were amended two years later, replacing the previous Organizational Standards. Now each year, REALTOR® associations must prove compliance or risk losing their charters.

Grants were extended through June 30, 2016 for mergers taking place after the adoption of the new standards. Further extensions were offered to the first 25 mergers that occurred after the June compliance cycle, with a third cycle running through December 31 of this year. But what happens if associations still don’t meet the new standards?

Enforcement is up to the local, state, territorial, and National Association. So basically, everyone. According to Sara Wiskerchen, NAR’s Managing Director of Media Communications, there is an appeal hearing process if compliance isn’t reached by the new deadline. If the hearing determines compliance is completely unachievable, the applicable association will lose their charter.

Since the adoption of the new standards, only 16 charters have been revoked. More than one revocation proves this program was necessary in the first place. The new standards are simple enough. Associations must meet or exceed core standards in six categories:

  1. Code of Ethics
  2. Advocacy
  3. Consumer Outreach
  4. Unification Efforts and Support of the REALTOR® Organization
  5. Technology
  6. Financial Solvency

Each category is further outlined on NAR’s site, with more detailed information about compliance. Every association is responsible for maintaining and enforcing a code of ethics, as well as providing mediation services as required, and issue citations. For advocacy, associations are encouraged to contribute to NAR RPAC funds (unless prohibited by state law), and participate in NAR Calls for Action efforts.

Consumer outreach requires at least four “meaningful consumer engagement activities” per year, with at least two demonstrating the association is a “Voice for Real Estate” in their market, and two specifically related to investment in local communities. Repeating the same activity four times will not count, nor will financial contributions to charities without further participation in the charity’s activities.

Unification efforts essentially state that associations must follow all applicable laws, and need to offer professional development opportunities. Leadership is required to complete at least six hours of REALTOR® association professional development annually. Additionally, associations
with paid staff must conduct annual performance reviews of their chief of staff.

The technology standard merely stipulates associations need to exist in this decade, providing an interactive website that includes state-of-the art features. Just kidding, they’re only required to have active links to products, services, standards, filling processes, and member programs. Oh, and the really tough part of this one is that members must have email or some other internet based communication.

Lastly, the financial solvency core specifies associations must ensure their fiscal integrity, report to CPA as necessary based on revenue, and get permission from NAR to file bankruptcy. If an association files for bankruptcy, that’s an automatic charter review.

“While some associations can meet these easily, smaller organizations might struggle with acquiring resources to complete all six segments.”

Fortunately for those that might be struggling, NAR provides Association Merger Procedures to assess if a merger would best fit member’s needs. NAR also suggests utilizing shared services for those anticipating difficulty, which help associations expand services and implement strategic partnerships to meet core standards.

If these steps don’t help, associations not in compliance by the end of the year will be subject to an appeal hearing, which includes a panel of at least five members of the NAR Association Executive Committee. The panel will report their recommendation to the Board of Directors, who will determine if the charter should be revoked.

According to NAR, the new standards are meant to “raise the bar for REALTOR® associations and ensure high-quality service for REALTORS®.” There are plenty of chances for associations to reach compliance before endangering their charters. Although it truly is a wonder that only 16 have been revoked so far, here’s to hoping everyone will be able to meet the new standards by the deadline to improve service across the board.

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Real Estate Associations

NAR’s communications platform is almost here! #HUB

(REALTOR NEWS) Last year, NAR approved a cross-committee communications platform and 2018 will be the hard launch of it. So we sat down with NAR and got some new details on The HUB.




It’s here! It’s here! The HUB from NAR is finally here (well, almost) which means one stop shopping for all of the info you need.

Last year, it was proposed that all of NAR’s committees and subcommittees all filled with hundreds of volunteers craft a platform that allows them to all communicate efficiently and effectively.

So, at the beginning of the year, NAR members approved an exciting new communications platform for committees. It was rolled out earlier in 2017 and so, with a few months of testing under a test group, we asked NAR how it’s going and if the new CEO, Bob Goldberg, would alter the process in any way.

We learned that The HUB is still is operating in beta mode, with several committees and groups already using it. The plan has always been for the full launch to happen with the 2018 committees.

With 2018 less than three months away, it is worth noting that the 2018 committee chairs and vice chairs have already been named. As it relates to The HUB, those 2018 committee leaders received training on The Hub in August. In fact those leaders already have a chair/vice chair HUB community that they’re using.

Also coming with 2018 are committee appointments that will be made public at the end of this month.

It is goes without saying that those appointments won’t go into effect until after the annual conference. All of the 2018 committees will have a HUB community set up shortly after the annual conference.

As for Goldberg, there is no change anticipated there. So far, NAR is very happy with both the technology and the level of interaction.

One of the key things that NAR is focused on now is finding the best approach to train all these new committee members on the use of the platform. To aid that process, NAR has posted 17 mini-tutorials at the site, and they anticipate having some webinars shortly after the annual conference.

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